APAC for Youth

Albion Park Anglican Church is committed to providing a vibrant and fun environment for youth to develop and grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ.



Our Sunday@6 Service is a contemporary youth-oriented service, including some of the latest Christian songs from the likes of Hillsong and others, as well as gospel presentations tailored with youth in mind.


We offer the youth of our area a positive alternative through Unleashed. Looking at the Bible, we aim to challenge young people to think about where they are heading in life. Unleashed is held on Fridays from 7pm-9pm in the main building and is for school students in Years 7-12 and Year 6 students during 4th Term. Check out the Unleashed Facebook page for more.


A program for those in years 6 – 8 that meets during the 9:30am Service. Come along and get to know Jesus and have fun.

Other events that youth may be interested in include:

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