Church Services Update (4th Feb 2021)

Dear Families,

What a wonderful tsunami of people returning to church and the children’s group on Sunday, 31st January! The Lord has certainly been moving in the hearts and lives of us all during this past difficult 12 months of separation and is now graciously drawing us back together in fellowship.

Following that exciting development, the Wardens met after the service and again on Monday to discuss and plan the way forward without being caught unprepared.

The following decisions have been made:

  • Bookings can now only be made by using TryBooking (or by personal arrangement with Julie or Natasha)
  • Maximum capacity is now set at 120 per Sunday.
  • Book early. If you are unable to book due to maximum being reached you may come on Sunday and wait outside in case of any cancellation or non-attendance.
  • Please cancel your booking by means of the TryBooking ticket receipt (or phone a Warden and inform them if unable to cancel electronically). There may be people waiting to take your place.
  • Please strive to arrive at church BEFORE 9:15am. Trying to process 120 people with check-in, QR code and allocation of suitable seats (by group size, not personal preference) can be slow and time-consuming. We are endeavoring to start services at 9:30 sharp which is not possible when people are still coming into church.

Please note that ALL people INCLUDING Service team members must book in using TryBooking.