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2020 09 20The CounsellorKen ColemanIsaiah 30:15-22 ; John 16:5-16Watchn/an/aBible Study
2020 09 27Encouragement for DisciplesKen ColemanIsaiah 32:1-8; John 16:17-33tbdn/an/atbd

As promised, an introduction to this exciting plan for sharing the Bible with our friends and relatives as we pray for opportunities to introduce them to Jesus.

God will prepare the way. He will prepare people to accept the invitation to read the Bible with us and He will bring people to faith. As Rico says, we simply need to have confidence that the Bible is the actual Word of God, that Jesus is who He says He is and that He will convict people of the Truth and open their eyes to trust in Him. He changes hearts and lives. Do we believe that? Has He changed your belief and  life? He’ll do that for others also.

Our church has purchased resources to get us started in “The Word One to One” tool. In the coming weeks opportunity will be given for those interested to participate in a group meeting  and be introduced to the plan as we seek to make Jesus known.

Here are a couple of video links:

“Go Ahead and Ask”

On Sunday, Ian encouraged us all to look at this inspiring article and pray that God may lead us into situations in which we are able to share the good news of salvation in Jesus. It reminds us that “we don’t know what God is doing in someone else’s life”. Therefore, we should keep our eyes open for opportunities to share Jesus with those we meet, following His leading and trusting Him to give us the words and to do His work.
Albion Park Anglican Church is a Bible based Church that welcomes people of all ages and cultures.

We have a threefold vision – HONOUR, GROW and PROCLAIM.

We want to see Jesus Christ honoured as Creator, Lord and Saviour in the Albion Park region and beyond. We want to see the members of our church family growing in their faith in Jesus and in their love and service of one another and we want to be a church who proclaims Jesus to the people around us.