Welcome to APAC: Honour – Grow – Proclaim ⇒ JESUS

TERM 4 SERMON SERIES –  GOD COMES NEAR – Luke chapters 9-10

From Sunday 5 November  we’ll be continuing the amazing story of Jesus from Luke’s Gospel. We’ll see Jesus’ power shown in miracles. We’ll hear his amazing teaching. We’ll look at his plans for his followers.

We hope you can join us for this helpful series.


WHO ARE WE? Albion Park Anglican Church is a Bible based Church that welcomes people of all ages and cultures. We have a threefold vision – HONOUR, GROW and PROCLAIM. We want to see Jesus Christ honoured as Creator, Lord and Saviour in the Albion Park region and beyond. We want to see the members of our church family growing in their faith in Jesus and in their love and service of one another and we want to be a church who proclaims Jesus to the people around us.